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The Crystal Journey to Israel 2020 reservation fee – September 20th – 27th, 2020

2.800,00 DKK

September 20th – 27th, 2020


Total price: 14.650 dkr (1.961 €) for shared room (Two persons)

or 16.380 dkr /2.193 € for a single room (Five rooms left)

2.800 dkr (reservation fee) (375 €) (Please buy this “product” for payment in Dkr)

Shared room: 5.925 dkr on the 1/3 (793 €) -Single room + 865 dkr/116€

Shared room: 5.925 dkr on the 1/7 (793 €) -Single room + 865 dkr/116€


Non-danish participants

Please send a mail to kursermariannelane@gmail.com if you want to join or if you have questions.

Payments should be done to following account 


8091 1041533


IBAN DK3680910001041533


No refund after March 1st.

Registration deadline June 1st.


These days will come where we as humans is looking in and up instead of looking back and down. We have searched for what should be the continuum of everything. The history written in the presence of mankind have been the foundation for the search, and it has been perfect. We are moving forward now. Reaching for the entrance where we will be a part of the cosmic community and by this get the support for the shift in to the stage where we are a united people on earth. It is urgent to unite our powers and willpower and it is time. If it has been tried before, it was a start up solution. We are now ready for the full entrance. No one is left behind. Every try out from the past is a part of the stairs step, and will be respected and a part of the shift. To make sure, that this shift will be present for the rest of our times, we have to go back to the beginning of all times. In the earlier crystal journeys, we have been collecting the connections to the origins of spirit, soul, magic, philosophy and science. We have entered into the realms of the soul generations as a preparation.

On the Crystal Journey to Israel, we will meet the origin of the religions and will travel back through spaces and times to the clean spirit has been held holey. In this area no silence is present either in the spirit realms or in the levels where the soul enter into this world. But in the holey realms is a purified vibration present, which brings in the possibility for a united oneness among the earth people. To find and to connect to this purified vibration, we will go on a travel around in the area and track the tone of this pure vibration. We will connect to the present, visdom and knowledge in the areas and they will prepare us to the travel though the noise in the spirit realm and the unsecurities in the entrance of the soul in this world. The possibility to go in safe though the lowest archives will open as an access given to us, when we reach the pure spot in us. From this spot we will get access.

The pure vibration lays in the intentions and is carried in by the support given by the wish upon being together and united. United with our cosmic soul families, our ancestors strong in heritage and our united wish on being love. Entering in to being united in us selves, together in us selves, and together with each other. This will be a journey in to our deepest and most pure foundation. We will be met with the urge to let go of the dependency of all that exists. This entrance can not be done by anyone alone. It has to be done together as a unity and by an entrance by the footstep taken by all the ones, who went before on this journey. The journey to find the pure entrance for the soul and spirit in to this world.

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The Crystal Journey to Israel 2020

September 20th – 27th, 2020


1st day Sunday Arrival Tel Aviv

Arrival at Ben Gurion Airport. Taxi on your own or with fellow travelers to Ruth Daniel Residence Hotel in Jaffa (the oldest part of Tel Aviv and an ancient port city in Israel). Walk by the beach or in the local area around the hotel. After dinner meditation.

Arrival Tel Aviv, walk in the area and evening meditation

We open the field of energy, that will carry every one of us and enters into the connection as a group, that will carry us and support every one of us during these days. It will ensure, that you get the energetic support that you need at all times during the trip. We enter with respect and presence into the areas realms and ensures the field, that we can not disturb the energy at the holy places we will connect to. We will only support and give these holey areas with what they will accept and take in.

The next six days our journey will go through the areas and we will connect and collect the knowledge, inspiration and channeled wisdom in the teachings by Marianne Lane. The channeled teachings will be supported by the presentation of the areas by the local as well as your own silent connection where from your inner wisdom will emerge. You will receive guidance and teachings to reach to your own inner connection.


2nd day Monday Haifa, Mount Carmel and Galilee area

Meet our guide Ariel and drive up the coast to Haifa and see Bahai Gardens. We continue to Mount Carmel, one of the places where the Essenes used to live and also the place where the prophet Elias was preaching.
After lunch we continue to the beautiful Galilea area where we will see the famous healing lake “Sea of Galilee” which lies 214 meters below sea level. According to the Bible this is where Jesus walked on the water.

3rd day Tuesday Zefat-Jordan River and Megiddo

We will be going to Zefat which is the cradle of the Kabbalah. The little town lies on a hill at 900 meters with a beautiful view over the landscape. Many artists have found their way to this village and the steep streets.
After Zefat we drive to Mount Megiddo also called Armageddon in Greek. This is a very interesting and important place where we will make a special ceremony. We have deliberately planned to visit Megiddo on the fall equinox the 22nd of September.


4th day Wednesday Magdala, Capernaum and Mt. Beatitudes

We will stay in the area around the ”Sea of Galilea” where we will visit Magdala. In 2009 a Christian Guesthouse was built here but when they were digging they found a very old Synagogue from the first century and a whole Jewish city underneath. Some people say that this is where Mary Magdalene grew up.
Capernaum is an ancient city from the 2nd century. Many tradesmen were here because of the direct lines to Damascus in the north and Egypt in the south.

5th day Thursday Jerusalem Mt. Olives-Garden of Gethsemane-Basilica of Agony-the Old City Via Dolorosa-Church of Holy Sepulcher- The Jewish quarter and the Wailing Wall

We will start at Mt. Olives where we have a beautiful view over Jerusalem. Then we walk down to the Garden of Gethsemane where we see the 2000 old Olive trees. According to the New Testament this is where Jesus spent his last night with his Disciples before the crucifixion the next day. On the way we will see the Church of Agony, also called Church of all Nations. We continue to the Old City and walk Via Dolorosa in the narrow streets. On the way we enter the Church of Holy Sepulcher that is a very holy place for many Christians. After this we will visit the Jewish Quarter and the Wailing wall where the Jews pray all day and put little prayers written on paper in between the big stones.


6th day Friday Temple Mount Al Aqsa Mosque-Bethlehem-The Church of Nativity and the Milk Grotto

This day will start with a visit to the great Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. This is the Mosque with the big gold dome on top. We will try to start early because many people will be visiting this place. Please remember to dress appropriate today. You will only be allowed in if you wear a scarf and pants or a skirt below your knees (and no bare shoulders)
After this visit we will drive to East Jerusalem and Bethlehem, which is under Palestinian control so we have to pass boarder control and get another guide on the other side.
We will be shown the Church of Nativity which is supposed to be the place where Jesus was born. Next we will see the Milk Grotto which is the place where Mary and Joseph were hiding with Jesus before the fled to Egypt according to the New Testament. King Herod (who ruled at the time) had proclaimed he would kill all newborn baby boys so Mary and Joseph had to hide their baby.


7th day Saturday Qumran and the Dead Sea and Masada

We leave Jerusalem and drive to the Dead Sea which is 430 meter below sea level and contains a lot of salt. On the way we could see Bedouins in the mountains where they have their camps.
We will visit Qumran, the place where the famous Dead Sea Scrolls have been found in caves. This is also the area where the Essenes lived many years ago and had their communities and universities. It is also said to be the place where Jesus and John the Baptist had their 40 days initiation in one of the caves.
Further down the coast we will take a gondola up to see the amazing Masada. A long time ago King Herod built this fortress on a 400 meter high cliff. However, the fortress is mostly known for the Jewish-Roman war where the Jewish separatists were fighting the Romans. The Jews ended up committing collective suiside because they would not surrender to the romans.
We drive back to Tel Aviv and stay at the Ruth Daniel hotel.


8th day Sunday Going back

Make your own transportation to the airport. Ben Gurion is about 17 min. away.
You have to be at the airport 3 hours before because of security.



https://www.ginosar.co.il/?reffrom=gmb&utm_source=google_my_business&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=googlemybusiness (we are staying at the guesthouse)
https://www.beitshmuel.co.il (we are staying at the hotel)

We have half board in the Ginosar hotel and the Beit Shmuel hotel which means we will have breakfast and dinner at the hotel. The first and the last night in hotel Ruth Daniel we have only breakfast but have booked dinner for our group in Jaffa which is also included in the price.

Not included:
International flights
Transportation to and from the airport
Tips (it is customary to pay min. 12 pct.) and give tips to our driver and guide
Travelers insurance
Personal expenses


Hotels for 7 nights including breakfast (Single or double room)
Dinner 7 nights
Unmatched Israeli guide 6 days
Airconditioned bus with driver for 6 days
Entry fees for activities in the program (6-8 places)
All meditations and ceremonies


General/practical information:

  • Your passport must be valid 6 months more than the period of visa required.Visum is free and obtainable at the airport. You will get it when you show your passport.
  • Please note that security control is rather strict at both arrival and departure. You will be asked questions about where you have been and if you have packed your suitcase yourself. And please be patient, sometimes the waiting lines are long and you have to wait.
  • The currency is called Shekel and it is possible to cash local money at the airport. However, it is a good idea to bring dollars with you. You will find ATM  machines in most towns but sometimes there can be problems with Danish credit cards because of a security sytem in Danish Banks so therefore bring extra dollars. You can use dollars everywhere in Israel.
  • The volt is 220 is in Israel, so the same sockets as in Denmark.
  • The hotels in Israel are very expensive, but we have tried to find decent hotels that are located close to sights. All the hotels have aircondition. Some places we have half board ( which means we will probably have breakfast and dinner since we arre out during the day) usually israeli meals are very good and plentiful.
  • We have an Israeli guide with us all week. A bus driver will take us around the country from north to Jerusalem and to the Dead Sea. We will be doing a lot of traveling on a bus in order to experience very special places so please bring snacks in case lunch or dinner is delayed and you get hungry on the bus.
  • If you would like to read more about our guide please go to: https://www.d2e-tours.com
  • September is still quite varm in Israel ( up to 29 degrees celcius) and a little colder in the night. Please bring GOOD walking shoes as will be walking a lot. A hat is also a good protection from the sun during the day.
  • One of the days we will collect tips for the guide and the bus chauffeur as this is customary in Israel.